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Stratford Festival Theatre Renewal

  • Location Stratford, Ontario
  • Client Stratford Shakespearean Festival of Canada
  • Completion 1997
  • Size 27,350 ft² / 2,541 m² newly added, in addition to 43,750 ft² / 4,065 m² renovated
  • Project type Culture
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The biggest Shakespearean company outside of Britain.

Since it was founded in 1952, the Stratford Festival Theatre has grown to become the largest repertory company in North America. The Stratford Festival Renewal Project was conceived to enhance the ritual and festive spirit and to re-position the Festival within the growing and increasingly competitive theatre milieu in North America.

The renewal consisted of the expansion and improvement to the existing front-of-house spaces, renovation of the auditorium and the creation of a new space of arrival. These areas had not been significantly updated since construction and were undersized for current use patterns.

Rich new materials and vibrant colours are used to render light and darkness, evoking the dramatic spirit that is traditionally associated with Shakespearean performance.