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Great minds
think alike

In an era of radical change, architecture must become even more agile, responsive and innovative – on a global scale. And that means bringing together a wider array of talent and expertise than ever before.

The drive to make these kinds of connections in our own practice was a catalyst for KPMB LAB, a research initiative devoted to exploring all dimensions of digital integration, social innovation and sustainability in the face of climate change. Through research projects, speculative design proposals and expert speaker series, the LAB works to incorporate new ideas, skills and technologies into our professional practice.

Innovation is integral to an architectural practice that never stops evolving. As we face both inspiring opportunities and daunting challenges alongside our clients, the only way forward is through constantly rethinking assumptions, adapting to new circumstances and finding creative solutions. Architecture, at its heart, is the art and science of finding new ways to meet fundamental human needs.

Innovation at KPMB is a team effort in which conceptualization, design, production and execution all work in concert. Every project evolves and grows stronger through internal discussions and workshops in which team members across the firm contribute their specialized knowledge and the insights gained from wide-ranging experience. We iterate, test theories and challenge received truths – often with a bit of healthy debate – en route to creative outcomes that meet our clients’ complex needs and exceed their expectations.

This spirit of innovative collaboration includes our clients’ teams as well; their perspectives and practical guidance inform every stage in our creative process. Equally critical are the contributions of our many partners, from planners and urban designers, to architects and artists, to landscape architects and environmental designers, to project engineers and builders.

Fundamental to KPMB’s innovative leadership is our respect for the human element in creative problem solving. All of our work is focused on people – in specific areas such as healthcare, education and culture, and across a portfolio of projects that advance various aspects of social well-being. At the same time, our work is created by people, each of us with distinct identities, experiences and points of view. KPMB’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, embedded in our values and essential to our continued success, is also vital to our pursuit of collaborative innovation – because we know that architecture becomes truly transformative when great minds don’t always think alike.