Boston University, Center for Computing & Data Sciences

Connecting Campus, River and City

The new Center for Computing & Data Sciences building makes a dynamic urban place that is a crossroads and a beacon for Boston University’s central campus. The design maximizes opportunities for mixing, interaction and interconnectivity. The building serves as a platform for innovation formatted as a vertical campus. Every element is integrated to establish Data Sciences as Boston University’s new iconic heart.

The podium is extended to occupy the entire width of the site to complete the streetscape and generate maximum ground floor animation on Commonwealth Avenue. Highly transparent and porous, it functions as an urban porch for arrival, study and gathering. Inside, it accommodates the larger programmatic volumes such as classrooms and offers a series of zones for interaction: the study space, tiered seating, student tutoring, and club spaces.



Boston, Massachusetts


Boston University




345,000 ft² / 32,052 m²

project type

Education, Interiors, Tower

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