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KPMB announces new appointments to the leadership team

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Top row, L-R: Graham Baxter, Clementine Chang, Philippe Dibon, Phil Gilder-Smith
Middle row, L-R: Irene Jackiw, Adam Jennings, Nick Jones, Claire Kurtin
Bottom row, L-R: Blaine Lepp, Glenn MacMullin, Kelsey Saunders, Myriam Tawadros

April 24, 2024

We’re delighted to share that KPMB has appointed three new principals, one new senior associate, seven new associates, and one senior building scientist to its leadership team. 

Graham Baxter, Glenn MacMullin, and Myriam Tawadros become principals; Clementine Chang is now a senior associate; Philippe Dibon, Phil Gilder-Smith, Irene Jackiw, Adam Jennings, Nick Jones, Claire Kurtin, and Blaine Lepp all become associates; and Kelsey Saunders is the senior building scientist, KPMB Lab.  

These new leaders share our commitment to catalyze positive change through design. They bring a diverse and dynamic range of talents, perspectives, and uncompromising rigor to the leadership team, and have played significant roles in realizing some of the firm’s most notable projects. 

They are champions of sustainability and equity who are committed to creating stronger, healthier, climate-positive communities, and we look forward to their continued contributions to the growth of our practice.  

Meet the new leaders: 

Philippe Dibon, Associate

Philippe’s early experiences with architecture and design taught him that the act of building is intimately tied to the understanding of the land and its use. Since joining KPMB, he has worked on noteworthy renovation projects, such as the Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa and Robertson Hall at Princeton University. 

Phil Gilder-Smith, Associate  

Phil’s project work at the firm draws on his years of experience and technical expertise and his holistic approach to architecture and design, including a residential tower and the expansion of an office building in Toronto, and a new facility for an ivy league university in the U.S. 

Irene Jackiw, Associate  

Irene is an interior designer with a wealth of experience in the built environment that spans over two decades. Her passion for creating inclusive and accessible spaces leads to designs that enrich the human experience. She is currently co-leading the design of a new corporate workplace interior in downtown Toronto. 

Adam Jennings, Associate  

Adam enjoys challenging and complex projects and has contributed to refining the firm’s approach to construction administration. His project work at the firm includes the Landscape of Landmark Quality project at the University of Toronto and the transformation of St. Monica’s Roman Catholic Church. Currently, he is the project architect for Bloor Street United Church and Cielo Condos. 

Nick Jones, Associate  

Nick believes in the power of architecture to improve people’s quality of life. An advocate for sustainable architecture, he is passionate about shaping the built environment in a socially responsible and climate-friendly way. Currently, he is the project manager for the Landscape of Landmark Quality project at the University of Toronto. 

Claire Kurtin, Associate  

Claire is passionate about working with existing buildings; she believes that the right renovation or addition can enrich and honour not just the building but also the community it serves. Currently, she is the project architect on the renovation and expansion of a large office tower in Calgary, and part of the team working on the Arts Commons Transformation. 

Blaine Lepp, Associate  

Blaine has over a decade of experience working in varying typologies, including educational, residential, and hospitality. At KPMB, he has served as project architect for the modernization of commercial projects in Calgary and Toronto. He is currently working on the Arts Commons Transformation. 

Clementine Chang, Senior Associate 

Clementine has worked on many of the firm’s most commended cultural projects, including the multi-award-winning Royal Conservatory TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning, a renowned cultural centre that has twice received the Canadian Architect Award of Excellence. She is currently the senior associate-in-charge of a new Dramatic Arts Building at Yale University. 

Graham Baxter, Principal  

Graham enjoys projects that are complex, sustainable, and socially responsible. He believes that good architecture should give back to its community. He recently wrapped up the multi-year, multi-phase renovation and expansion of the legendary Massey Hall and is currently serving as a project director on the Arts Commons Transformation. 

Glenn MacMullin, Principal  

For over three decades, Glenn has been a key contributor to KPMB’s award-winning projects with his strong grasp of design aesthetics, functionality, user experience, sustainable principles, and building science. Currently, he is the project design architect for the Discovery Centre, the final phase of a two-decade long redevelopment project at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. 

Myriam Tawadros, Principal  

Myriam’s ability to deliver a client’s vision in the planning of a building through all phases of design and construction is evident in her varied portfolio, which showcases different scales and typologies. She is currently leading a large team in the creation of a housing portfolio with Kindred Works, an organization re-imagining housing in Canada. 

Kelsey Saunders, Senior Building Scientist, KPMB Lab 

Kelsey joins KPMB with over a decade of experience that underscores the importance of building science in the delivery of excellent design. As a building scientist, she excels in helping architectural teams execute their designs through the lens of climate mitigation and adaptation, sustainability, durability, constructability, thermal efficiency, and air tightness.