Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Phase 3 Expansion (Harrison McCain Pavilion)

Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Phase 3 Expansion in Fredericton is situated directly across from the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, Canada. 

The new Harrison McCain Pavilion entry is a multi-function lobby designed to accommodate a range of events including ticketing, membership and visitor services, a gift shop, café, and support spaces. 

The gentle curve of the precast concrete façade is both a response to the existing urban condition – taking cues from the curve in Fredericton’s Queen Street on which the Pavilion fronts – and a welcoming and inviting gesture to visitors and locals alike.

The precast concrete façade piers are over eight meters in height and are angled radially to maximize views while providing the required solar shading.

The design accommodates the water level of the St. John River, which rises dramatically every spring surrounding the Beaverbrook Art Gallery with water. Taking this seasonal flooding into consideration, the project elevates the ground floor well above the floodplain.


Fredericton, New Brunswick


Beaverbrook Art Gallery




9,000 ft² / 836 m²

project type

Culture, Heritage, Interiors, Museum / Gallery

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