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The Beaverbrook Art Gallery Pavilion will continue planned construction of building during closure

Beaverbrook Art Gallery - Architecture

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June 19, 2020

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The Beaverbrook Art Gallery announced today that it will be starting the planned construction of the Harrison McCain Pavilion this summer on an accelerated schedule, remaining closed to the public, and with the goal of fully re-opening in late 2021.

Named for one of New Brunswick’s most important citizens, the Harrison McCain Pavilion will provide a new, much needed, universally accessible entrance. The Pavilion also adds more space to exhibit art, multi-use public spaces, a street-level café, and retail space.

While construction is underway for the Harrison McCain Pavilion, the Beaverbrook will also begin to address much-needed repairs to the older facilities to ensure the safety of the art collections.
“While we would very much like to be able to open and welcome every New Brunswicker back to this space, we have come to the difficult realization that we cannot open in a safe and sustainable way,” says Tom Smart, Director and CEO. “These are challenging times, and we have received many questions from the public over the past months. After analyzing if the layout within the building is in line with public safety requirements, we’ve realized that there are too many places that we can not guarantee visitors’ safety. Many people think of the Beaverbrook as having spacious galleries that would, with care, accommodate the public safely. However, the current access and exit is a pinch point that does not meet COVID-19 standards safely and sustainably.”

The planned construction of the Harrison McCain Pavilion will ultimately provide the Beaverbrook Art Gallery with space to welcome the community and visitors into an accessible and engaging space.

While remaining closed, programming and art-related content will continue to be developed in new ways digitally and beyond the Gallery walls. For further information, including construction updates, please visit