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Revealing our new look

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November 30, 2023

Following the 2021 news of our expanded leadership team, we’re thrilled to announce the next major milestone in our evolution: a new brand identity that embodies our values and purpose.

While our look has evolved, the core values that define us remain steadfast. Putting people first, fostering respectful collaboration, rigorously pursuing innovative ideas, championing sustainability and equity, and contributing meaningfully to our communities – these principles continue to guide us. All the while, our commitment to designing built environments that catalyze positive change remains unwavering. 

As part of KPMB’s evolution, we wanted to give visual expression to our commitment. Collaborating with Area 17, a digital design agency, we designed a set of intersecting lines as the grounding element across the entirety of the new brand identity – from the primary wordmark to all the touchpoints. The lines act as a structure that reveals, frames, and unlocks new perspectives.  On the website, for instance, the line becomes a way to reveal the menu and aid in navigation.  

FK Grotesk, our new typeface, is structurally sound, too. It’s timeless, contemporary, and recognizable. Its sharp corners are distinctive and eye-catching, allowing for improved readability and legibility on our responsive website. 

Our new logos represent the growth of our firm. Flipping the traditional left to right orientation on its head and converging the letters around a central point, this is a direct nod to our coming together in a collaborative process. Our new brand colours were inspired by the diversity and vitality of the projects we’ve delivered over the last three decades. We’ve paired our core neutral colours (black and white) with a warm, healthy, and energizing yellow that we employ to indicate interaction and action. While our new website embraces a bold black theme, the KPMB Lab page stands out with a white background, reinforcing its individual identity within the KPMB ecosystem.

A sleek design with pops of yellow and a more interactive homepage make our new website attractive and functional. You can navigate through different sections of the website with ease, explore our portfolio, discover our services, learn about our people, and stay up to date with us. 

Founded in 1987, KPMB crafts design solutions that catalyze positive change. With uncompromising rigor and close attention to the increasingly complex needs of the world around us, our diverse team devotes their expertise, passion, and creativity to solve today’s challenges and unlock new opportunities for our clients and the communities we serve.