June 3, 2020

Dismantling Injustice and Systemic Racism

Should’ve Kissed You - Song

Silence and inaction in the architectural profession has gone on for too long. We are committed to dismantling injustice and systemic racism by taking action in becoming race-literate and by following and contributing to collectives and organizations on the front lines of systemic change.

“Racism is a problem FOR people of colour, NOT a problem OF people of colour. White people must also heal from internal racism. It needs to be a collective change” – Milagros Phillips – Speaker, Author, Coach, Creator of Race Demystified

Please donate, pledge, and follow:

Toronto / Canada
Black Lives Matter TO: @BLM_TO
Black Business And Professional Association: @thebbpa
Black Health Alliance: @blackhealthcan
Black Legal Action Centre: @blacklegalactioncentre
Black Women In Motion @blackwomeninmotion
Black Youth Helpline: @blackyouthhelpline
Federation Of Black Canadians: @fbcfcn
Harriet Tubman Community Organization: @harriettubmanorg
Indigenous Youth: @wematterorg
The Most Nurtured: @themostnurtured
Zero Gun Violence Movement: @zerogunviolence.movement
United States
ACLU: @aclu_nationwide
Black Lives Matter: @blklivesmatter
Black Visions Collective: @blackvisioncollective
Black Women’s Blueprint: @blackwomensblueprint
Color for Change: @colorofchange
NAACP: @naacp
National Bail Fund Network: @nationalbailout