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Dismantling Injustice and Systemic Racism

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June 3, 2020

Silence and inaction in the architectural profession has gone on for too long. We are committed to dismantling injustice and systemic racism by taking action in becoming race-literate and by following and contributing to collectives and organizations on the front lines of systemic change.

“Racism is a problem FOR people of colour, NOT a problem OF people of colour. White people must also heal from internal racism. It needs to be a collective change” – Milagros Phillips – Speaker, Author, Coach, Creator of Race Demystified

Please donate, pledge, and follow:

Toronto / Canada
Black Lives Matter TO: @BLM_TO
Black Business And Professional Association: @thebbpa
Black Health Alliance: @blackhealthcan
Black Legal Action Centre: @blacklegalactioncentre
Black Women In Motion @blackwomeninmotion
Black Youth Helpline: @blackyouthhelpline
Federation Of Black Canadians: @fbcfcn
Harriet Tubman Community Organization: @harriettubmanorg
Indigenous Youth: @wematterorg
The Most Nurtured: @themostnurtured
Zero Gun Violence Movement: @zerogunviolence.movement
United States
ACLU: @aclu_nationwide
Black Lives Matter: @blklivesmatter
Black Visions Collective: @blackvisioncollective
Black Women’s Blueprint: @blackwomensblueprint
Color for Change: @colorofchange
NAACP: @naacp
National Bail Fund Network: @nationalbailout