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Defining Whole Building Life Cycle Assessments by methodology to support carbon reduction in the design process

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KPMB Lab and Integral Group are proposing a system for classifying whole building life cycle assessments by methodology. The system has four classifications: Class D through Class A and this paper outlines the four classification levels and the methodology each refers to. We have also produced a quick-reference chart outlining the key attributes the four classifications.

The primary intent of the proposed classification system is to reduce ambiguity around the particular methodology employed when discussing building life cycle assessments  (WBLCAs). Explicitly declaring WBCLA methodology has the advantage of communicating a range of information to practitioners familiar with WBLCAs, including breadth and type/quality of model inputs, magnitude of expected error in WBLCA, and appropriate uses of the WBLCA output.

Some practitioners may wish to use WBCLA in an iterative fashion to support and inform an architectural design process. Indeed, that is the primary mode for KPMB Lab.

Read the full proposal here.

Geoffrey Turnbull, OAA, LEED AP, CPHD
Director of Innovation, KPMB Architects

Jonathan Graham, CPHD
Sustainability Analyst, KPMB Architects

Jeremy Field, EA, LEED AP, CPHC
Senior Sustainability Advisor, Integral Group

David Constable, OAA, LEED AP, CPHD
Principal, KPMB Architects