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Our firm
is evolving.
we’ve never

The world has evolved dramatically since 1987 — and so has KPMB. Our firm hasn’t simply kept pace with change; we’ve taken every opportunity to inspire, shape, and advance it. Because that’s what good architecture does.

Now we’re pleased to announce the next major milestone in our evolution: a significant expansion of the KPMB leadership team. Seven senior members of the firm, all highly accomplished and respected by their peers, have been named partners alongside our three founders. We’ve also added four new principals and three new directors to our total complement of 25 leaders. This expanded team, bringing together diverse perspectives and a wealth of experience, is ready to guide a new generation of creative problem-solvers in determining where KPMB — and architecture generally — needs to go next.

This is an important step forward. At the same time, it’s an affirmation of what remains unchanged: the shared values and core beliefs that have always defined KPMB.

We’ve never
changed our
basic beliefs.
Only how
we put them
into action.

We believe in evolution. For more than three decades, we’ve stayed adaptable and alert, responding with agility to changing client needs and expectations. Not without reflection. And always with a sharp focus on what’s working, what could be better, and what’s no longer relevant and can be left behind. For KPMB, evolution is not a theory; it’s the fulfillment of a promise — to ourselves, our clients, and everyone whose lives are affected by our work.

We believe in collaboration. KPMB began as “a collaborative adventure,” ­a conscious push away from the classic hierarchical firm to a more flexible, collegial model in which a different partner led each project and everyone added value. As we grew to take on larger and more complex projects, we naturally established clear responsibilities and lines of communication. But we’ve always left plenty of room for creative dialogue and healthy debate within the team, knowing that the work will only benefit from our collective talents and insights. That same spirit prevails in our collaborations with clients and other partners. We know that creativity is egalitarian, and the best solutions come from bringing many minds together. More fundamentally, we believe in the power of nurturing and celebrating difference — which is why we’re so committed to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion within our firm and in all of our working relationships.

We believe in community. We create spaces not only to meet economic and strategic goals, but to strengthen social cohesion and deepen cultural connections. Our buildings are designed to enrich the social fabric, to be accessible and welcoming, and to provide opportunities, large and small, for communities to grow and prosper. We’re particularly drawn to architectural programs that aim to help humans be their best — whether fostering health and well-being, sharing knowledge and ideas, researching world-changing insights, governing fairly and responsibly, or igniting imaginations through creativity. While each project has its own unique priorities and challenges, all of our work ultimately aspires to improve the lives of a neighbourhood, a campus, a city, a region, a country, and the planet. The urgent threat of climate change has only intensified our longstanding commitment to all aspects of sustainability.

We believe in design. We love working at the intersection of art and science, of architecture and engineering, of creative vision, and of painstaking attention to detail. Our buildings are not iconic monuments; they’re sensitive to their contexts and the needs of the people they accommodate and serve. That doesn’t mean we’re any less dedicated to beauty. For us, true beauty emerges in the disciplined balance of aesthetic ideals and rigorous standards of quality, efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability. Of course, originality can’t — and shouldn’t — be constrained, but it’s only meaningful if it meets the tests of social purpose and environmental responsibility. Ensuring our work maintains those ideals in a rapidly changing world is what drives our pursuit of innovation.

The evolution of architecture is driven by constant reinvention. And so is the evolution of KPMB.